July 9, 2018

Our Projects

~Handbook for Doctors: English-Bangla Questions & Commands For Clinical Use

Field Translators:
~Al Jazeera English [1]
~Getty Images [1]
~IRIN news [1]
~Magical Light Foundation
~Music in Exile [Pulitzer Center]
~New York Times [1, 2]
~Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
~Oxfam International
~Paris Match [1]
~SBS Australia [1]
~The Guardian [1, 2]
~The M Exchange
~The Telegraph [1, 2]
~Voice of America [1]
~Washington Post
~World Apart Productions (On behalf of UNHCR)
~UNHCR Bangladesh

~Abbie Trayler Smith
~Allison Sarah Joyce (Getty Images) [1, 2]
~Annie Gowen (WP)
~Ashish Malhotra (AJ)
~Ben C. Solomon (NYT)
~Bethanie Mitchell
~Corinne Redfern [1]
~Fiona Weber-Steinhaus
~GMB Akash [1]
~Jason Patinkin (VOA , IRIN)
~Lucas Veuve (AO) [1]
~Marc Hofer
~Michael Schwirtz
~Mona El-Naggar (NYT)
~Sally Williams
~Sarah A. Topol (NYT Magazine) [1]
~Thomas Nybo

~A Boat. A Rickshaw. A Funeral. Four Days With a Rohingya Family in Exile. (NYT Documentary)
~Amina, My sister (World Apart Productions, UNHCR)
~Atlas Obscura [1]

Document translation:
~EMBEE Group of Companies
~The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
~The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Student Research:
~Columbia University (Justin Lynch)