August 12, 2018

English-Bangla Questions & Commands For Clinical Use

Our first publication, the English-Bangla Questions and Commands for Clinical Use is a handbook that was designed to help build a vocabulary for communication between medical staff and patients in a clinical setting. The book is broadly categorized into 2 sections: Questions and Commands which will help you build a complete history for your patient and conclude with a diagnosis.

Questions are grouped into various sections using the head to toe flow with several questions overlapping in various sections. For example in order to ask a patient his name, the question can be found in both Patient Profile and Quick CNS Assessment sections.

If a patient presents with chest pain, you can refer to the CVS and Respiratory systems which are placed next to each other just after the head portion. The commands section is designed to allow you to instruct your patient to assume certain positions or to make certain motions used in standard general examinations. The words and phrases in this book are a mixture of both formal and informal language. Certain words may be inappropriate for formal setting. Other key vocab sections like body parts, livestock and distance have also been added for convenience.

We hope that this book will be of help to you in the clinical setting and apologise for missing out any words. For every book sold, 10% will be donated towards free medication to the poor via The M Exchange. (

Special thanks to Sumayea Shafiul, Shaunchez Sanjeev, Elanseelan Sinnasamy and everyone who made this book possible.

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