July 9, 2018

About Us

Need someone professional, capable and genuinely fluent in English?

Are you part of a medical team heading out into the field or hosting a multinational conference? Do you have educational material to be translated? Are you on assignment covering the latest Rohingya crisis? From Doctors to Press, we have the one stop complete translation solution for you!

All translators attached to this platform are field trained and have experience working with doctors, media crews, journalists and field reporters. We have provided hundreds of hours of field translation services and transcribed over 40 hours of audio and video translations.

We pride ourselves on linking the right people for the right jobs. Our team members are 100% professional and are capable of handling any forms of translations ranging from publications to live field work.

What sets us apart from other services?

  • We are highly specialized in our field. Unlike other platforms who promise you everything under the sun and fail to live up to expectations, we only promise to do one thing right: our job.

Who are we?

  • We are a group of like-minded professionals who wish to be able to provide a truly professional translation service that is able to highlight the plight and suffering of refugees with the world in a form that is as accurate as possible.

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